Questions From Fans

Rocky Style

If you have questions for the Foxes please add them to the comments section on this page. Joe and Allen will do thier best to respond quickly.




18 Responses to “Questions From Fans”

  1. fox90x Says:


    How much taller are you than Allen? Do you tower over him?

    Good luck. You’re the best. Thanks,

    • afox77 Says:

      not joe here, but i would say a good inch. thanks for reading and asking, that’s a great question!

    • foxy1982 Says:


      As you can see by the cover photo I do ‘tower’ over him. I think at least five inches.


  2. R.T. Says:

    Who has better luck with the ladies?

    • foxy1982 Says:


      I’ve gotten more ass than a toilet seat. But I will digress, Allen may have me beat in #’s.
      However my toilet seats are solid platinum baby, and his are plastic porta pottie seats.


  3. afox77 Says:

    i don’t think a response is required on this question, but thanks for asking, RT.

  4. fox90x Says:


    Once you are fit how do you see it changing your game, if at all?



    • foxy1982 Says:

      Fan Foxticle,

      Our bodies have never been a hindrance in the form of courting the female race. Our charm does the work.
      However, I think once that we have secured a female companion our six pack abs will prove beneficial.
      Thanks for your time.


  5. juan zorro Says:

    as we are foxes, i don’t imagine it will matter much … the ladies pretty much file in whether it’s a six pack or a keg … hold on a sec, a chick is calling ….. ok, the call it over … i have to leave, another booty call (i am kind of getting tired of this) … I need some RandR…

  6. fox90x Says:

    Leo Dicaprio and Justin Timberlake. Thoughts?

    • juan zorro Says:

      Dear Friend,

      You must have watched SNL last night (Loser). Don’t let JTL’s charm fool you, as he is a lot cooler guy than I originally thought and he has a smoking hot girl (Jessica Biel), he is no Leo.

      Leo is a playa, he not only dates the best talent in the world, he finds and makes them super stars. Also, another selling point, Tom Brady dates Leo’s meat scraps – ‘nough said.

      You Hero,

      Juan Zorro

  7. foxy1982 Says:


    An absurd question which I am used to from the masses.

    Leonardo DiCaprio is the biggest pimp on the planet. Yes, we all hated him during the Titanic days, but he is now a titan with the lays.

    His catalog of women is incredible. T-Lake is 5’4″ and used to be a mickey mouse kid. Leo’s youth was spent on one of the greatest Tv shows ever made: Growing Pains.

    Scorcese makes movies for him.

    I’m not wasting my time with this ridiculous question


  8. fox90x Says:


    After two days what is your real expectation for your body 118 days from now?



  9. fox90x Says:


    Do you still have some D1 eligibility? Seriously.



    • foxy1982 Says:


      Good question. As you all have read the countless surgeries on my throwing arm have been documented more than Branjelina.

      Do the offers continue? Yes. Is my shoulder capable after the numerous rotator cuff tears and loss of 90% of cartilage…no…as they tell me.

      But, the Foxes will always prevail, despite what a so called “doctor” says. Fact is, I still throw a baseball 98, and chuck a football 90 yards; so since I am still so young I do not see why I wouldn’t start in the SEC as both a pitcher and Qb.

      Thanks for the question. I hope the USC’s and Florida’s don’t catch this thread…they’ll be up my *ss in two shakes of a lamb’s tail…


  10. Sparky Says:

    Hey guys, hollering from Lr.

    Haven’t met any one of ya but I was introduced to this site from a friend of mine at UALR.

    I too just started P90X, I’m about two weeks in, how you guys feeling?

  11. Charlie Says:

    I know this is not 90X related, but I was just curious and thought your fans would like to know, too: Is your father really “John at the bar” in Billy Joe’s epic masterpiece, “Piano Man?”

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