Genesis – Original Challenge

The legend begins over twenty-five years ago. Allen and Joe Fox were born of the hearty batter of inland Maine and the seed of upper class Georgia. Their formative years were spent in California where the sun and surf penetrated beyond their pale Irish skin and baked within a deep, glossy self-confidence only found on the West Coast. In the early 1990’s the boys were uprooted from their natural habitat and grafted into the culture of Little Rock, Arkansas. They were svelte and athletic and quickly made friends in the heart of the South, yet Arkansans always knew there was something different about these boys. Somehow their attitude was always above reality. Somehow they were always justified in their actions. Their opinions were never wrong. Their bodies were “50 years ahead of modern man.” It never felt right, but no one could prove them wrong. Friends were haunted by their inability to prove a negative, that the Foxes were not a superior race.

So, early in the Spring of 2009, during the country’s great recession, a challenge was set forth. An opportunity for the Foxes, pitted against one another, to finally prove their superiority. 120 days to complete a 90 day workout. Hand crafted by the godly inspired hands of none other than Tony Horton. Arms, Shoulders, Plyometrics, Abs, Legs, Hammies, Yoga…the gauntlet was thrown down. Could they complete…P90X!!!!!!

And thus the challenge begins….welcome to FOX90X 2009. It should be a fun summer.


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