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C-3-P-Yo Photography

June 5, 2009

big yo

Fans, As I am sure many of you marveled over the photos taken of me, I cannot take all the credit. I am a man that gives credit when credit is due and in this case it is to my photographer: Mr. Chris Younts. He may not take the best photos, and he may not include your full-face, but for the price there is no one better. My payment to him came in the form of items, not cold hard cash like most business transaction work, but Chris has a good scheme I guess for this way he doesn’t have to pay taxes, and his business is always able to write-off its year-to-year loses. All he required from me in form of payment was a 6” subway sandwich (as shown in the attached picture) and a pair of tube socks. I found the tube socks in the trashcan after he left my house. I don’t want to even start to think what he did with them. If you would like to contact C-3-P-Yo Photography you can reach them at 214-476-1348. JZ



June 4, 2009


June 3, 2009


I just finished another round of plyo, and for whatever reason, aside from Kempo that is the easiest for me.  It is very tough don’t get me wrong here, but I am able to compete with the roided-out douche bags all the way until the end. 

Just a quick update for my fans.  Back to my project.


Action Shots

June 2, 2009


Later this week I will be adding action shots for your enjoyment and pleasure.  Mr. Chris Younts is the photographer that I have decided to commission.  I recommend / urge that Joseph does this as well.