Press Release


Joe Fox received an official warning from the Board of FOX90X today. Chairman, Aaron Clark, said, “We are on the honor system here, and we commend Joe for his honesty and desire for an intense workout. We are proud of what he’s accomplished to date, but he’s got to follow the program. He received a light warning, and we’re counting on him to stick with it from here on out.” Joe Fox had switched Tony Horton’s prescription for a Kenpo workout with an extra dose of Plyometrics. Plyo is considered one of the toughest workouts and Joe was looking for “Extreme.” Steadman Von Steadman, Worlds Most Interesting Man and FOX90X Senior Vice President of Bodily Development said, “Foxes think they are smarter than everyone, even Tony Horton. We just have to keep them honest now and then.”


2 Responses to “Press Release”

  1. Younts Says:

    How do you monitor Joseph? I think he should have to “Twitter” or “Tweet” his status and attach photos as he performs the X. Maybe there should be a live cam that the organizers can log on to and view him perform his tasks. Is alcohol on the diet? Red wine? Just curious . . .

  2. foxy1982 Says:

    I don’t even know what twitter is, but I keep hearing about it and it makes me uncomfortable.

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