Memorial Day


Fans of Me,

I incorporated a new rule: Holidays do not count as P90X days.

I spent Memorial Day as always, starting with Apocalypse Now and drinking. The USA napalming the VC makes me feel very introspective about how wonderful our country is. However (during the puppy scene) when Martin Sheen shot the woman because the other ridiculous men in his unit wanted to bring her to the hospital to have her taken care of. It was deemed ‘depressing’ so I took it out. Against my will. The roomate is a pussy-pants.

So I moved on by drinking some beers outside with my Japanese head band on:

In celebrating this great holiday I thought about P90X as I had not worked out today. I felt bad. So I will be more committed and serious about, and not let myself talk myself into not working out because of a holiday. This is what I told myself.


One Response to “Memorial Day”

  1. Grubbs Says:

    Yo fellas just started this thing with my sisters husband last week…it is no joke…Maybe we can BRING IT together someday soon Foxs’…Love that Pam i mean Blam!!! -G$

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