Today Is My Day Off


…As I cannot move. I am going to the hour long stretching DVD then to a local pub for a few drinks.

If any of you readers dog Yoga then you are ignorant. I like to make fun of things like soccer and Coldplay by calling them names closely associated with the homosexual community. If a guy plays soccer I would make fun of him while at the same time realizing it is a hard sport. If in flipping through someone’s I-Pod I see Viva La….Whatever The F*ck then I will rib them but at the same time slightly respect their argument that Parachutes was a very good album because a lot of people I know and respect music-wise have told me that. Will I ever play soccer or listen to the first Coldplay album? Absolutely not. But I know soccer is hard (I hate it though. I mean really?) and perhaps that Chris Martin fun boy did piss out something some years ago; so although I will give you a hard time and never act like I feel different, deep down, I do a little a tiny, little bit.

When a friend of mine of the male gender says he has tried Yoga, I would lose a great deal of respect for that person. Then the whole ‘dude it is really hard’ or ‘I was sore for a week!’ thing I saw as complete and total garbage. If a friend of mine or prospective new friend said or I was told were into Yoga = Dead, gone, worm food, a mouse fart in gail force winds.

I will, from this point forth judge men who do Yoga, but at the same time give them the benefit of the doubt. F- that Zen sh*t, but the physical act of it alone is EXTREMELY hard. I challenge any guy out there who gives his girlfriend, wife, co-worker, limp wristed guy friend everyone questions, a hard time about Yoga being some type easy work out routine or that its for the weak to take them up on the offer one night. Two things will happen:

1 – You will realize that it is indeed VERY difficult

2 – You will score some points with your significant other and maybe, it’ll lead to…you know…but you will deny for the one time in your relationship, in a twist of fate use the ‘I’m too tired’ excuse, but you will actually mean it.

Signing Off – A Foxy Humbled (But also a Foxy inspired!!!)

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4 Responses to “Today Is My Day Off”

  1. afox77 Says:

    I’ve have done yoga on numerous occasions … I enjoyed it, but it is a real time commitment – I love the old Coldplay albums (there are also some really good songs on “X&Y”), but I dislike soccer (however, I was very good at it) … what does that say about me?

  2. foxy1982 Says:

    You were too young to realize what you were doing w/ soccer. I believe you were done in the 7-8 year range. When Foxes know how to be Sinatra cool. The .078 percent of people that can come close to Sinatra cool usually don’t realize until their 20’s. It took Clooney 35 years…

    You ‘love’ the old Coldplay albums. Are you f-ing me? Lick it. It says about you = you like whiney limie douches singing love ballads and then going home and crying in Gwenyth’s arms for all of the emotions he was feeling in the studio.

  3. fox90x Says:

    This website strives for accuracy in its content. We don’t get it right all the time, but do our best. Therefore, we think it’s important for FOX90X fans to know that Joe Fox does not own nor has he ever owned Coldplay’s album Parachutes. He did, however, bump the song Clocks harder than anyone during his Junior year of college, yielding only for the occasional By the Way (RHCP) respite.

  4. foxy1982 Says:

    I was young and stupid. I also in that phase thought Widespread Panic was cool…

    However, I concede, there are no lies here. I used to like Coldplay. We’ve all made mistakes. Its how we learn from them that makes us men.

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