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To Make Up For Memorial Day

May 31, 2009

Joe Fox is doing two workouts today. Yes, two. Deuce.

In the spirit of my self-awakening I have been reading again. Namely, a book on my man Che Guevara. He is my personal hero. I won’t go into details but the man was an icon.

He has the Fox-Like quality some call narcissism. But that is normal to the masses to judge people like us. Nobody fully realizes what it is to be a Fox or a Che.

I found this quote from him to the love of his life as to why he couldn’t see them having a future:

“I know how I love you and how much I love you, but I cannot sacrifice my inner freedom for you; it means sacrificing myself, and I am the most important thing in the world, as I have already told you.”

Cold hard fact. The Foxes know how special they are as Che did. Some take it as a knock on the brothers, but they just don’t understand what encapsulates us…greatness…


Press Release

May 29, 2009

Joe Fox received an official warning from the Board of FOX90X today. Chairman, Aaron Clark, said, “We are on the honor system here, and we commend Joe for his honesty and desire for an intense workout. We are proud of what he’s accomplished to date, but he’s got to follow the program. He received a light warning, and we’re counting on him to stick with it from here on out.” Joe Fox had switched Tony Horton’s prescription for a Kenpo workout with an extra dose of Plyometrics. Plyo is considered one of the toughest workouts and Joe was looking for “Extreme.” Steadman Von Steadman, Worlds Most Interesting Man and FOX90X Senior Vice President of Bodily Development said, “Foxes think they are smarter than everyone, even Tony Horton. We just have to keep them honest now and then.”

Memorial Day

May 25, 2009

Fans of Me,

I incorporated a new rule: Holidays do not count as P90X days.

I spent Memorial Day as always, starting with Apocalypse Now and drinking. The USA napalming the VC makes me feel very introspective about how wonderful our country is. However (during the puppy scene) when Martin Sheen shot the woman because the other ridiculous men in his unit wanted to bring her to the hospital to have her taken care of. It was deemed ‘depressing’ so I took it out. Against my will. The roomate is a pussy-pants.

So I moved on by drinking some beers outside with my Japanese head band on:

In celebrating this great holiday I thought about P90X as I had not worked out today. I felt bad. So I will be more committed and serious about, and not let myself talk myself into not working out because of a holiday. This is what I told myself.

Today Is My Day Off

May 23, 2009

…As I cannot move. I am going to the hour long stretching DVD then to a local pub for a few drinks.

If any of you readers dog Yoga then you are ignorant. I like to make fun of things like soccer and Coldplay by calling them names closely associated with the homosexual community. If a guy plays soccer I would make fun of him while at the same time realizing it is a hard sport. If in flipping through someone’s I-Pod I see Viva La….Whatever The F*ck then I will rib them but at the same time slightly respect their argument that Parachutes was a very good album because a lot of people I know and respect music-wise have told me that. Will I ever play soccer or listen to the first Coldplay album? Absolutely not. But I know soccer is hard (I hate it though. I mean really?) and perhaps that Chris Martin fun boy did piss out something some years ago; so although I will give you a hard time and never act like I feel different, deep down, I do a little a tiny, little bit.

When a friend of mine of the male gender says he has tried Yoga, I would lose a great deal of respect for that person. Then the whole ‘dude it is really hard’ or ‘I was sore for a week!’ thing I saw as complete and total garbage. If a friend of mine or prospective new friend said or I was told were into Yoga = Dead, gone, worm food, a mouse fart in gail force winds.

I will, from this point forth judge men who do Yoga, but at the same time give them the benefit of the doubt. F- that Zen sh*t, but the physical act of it alone is EXTREMELY hard. I challenge any guy out there who gives his girlfriend, wife, co-worker, limp wristed guy friend everyone questions, a hard time about Yoga being some type easy work out routine or that its for the weak to take them up on the offer one night. Two things will happen:

1 – You will realize that it is indeed VERY difficult

2 – You will score some points with your significant other and maybe, it’ll lead to…you know…but you will deny for the one time in your relationship, in a twist of fate use the ‘I’m too tired’ excuse, but you will actually mean it.

Signing Off – A Foxy Humbled (But also a Foxy inspired!!!)

Next Gf post P90X:



May 23, 2009


Yesterday was my off day.  I intended to workout, but I needed a drink.  I went out with Chris and Courtney, and we had a good time.  We ate some great sushi, and then headed to a bar in Addison that had a nice outdoor patio.

We probably sat there for a couple of hours, shot the shit, etc.  They also played a bunch of cheesy 80’s songs, including one of my personal favorites by Journey, “Don’t stop believing.” I thought that was rather fitting considering the day I had, in addition to the competition we are undertaking.  Ok, I’m sorry to ramble on so much, but the reason I posted was to post my current weight.

This morning I weighed 191 pounds.  Let’s put this into perspective: my peak weight was around 215, and three weeks ago I weighed 204.  That is 13 pounds in three freaking weeks – incredible, and it shows hard work pays off. Now this ins’t due to the P90X, considering it’s only been two days, but it is a product of me working out, eating right, limiting my alchohol intake, and in some cases, simply not eating.

Anyways, I received the P90X meal plan via email from Mr. Saviers (you know, that “fast and furious” guy), and I have been following it very stricktly for the past two weeks.  I recommend it to anyone who is trying to lose weight (Also bear in mind the diet has only been a part of it, and I have been working my soon-to-be little fanny off).  It is not a gimmick diet like the “South Beach” or “Low Carb,” etc.  It is what all diets should be based on: calorie intake verse calorie outtake.

Anyways, I was asked to post my weight and I have done so.  I also added a couple of more heighlights in there as well.



P.S. If you would like me to forward you the diet plan, put your email address in the comment section below this post.  I will not only email it to you, but explain how it works, and what foods per food group I have selected.

Day Two – Juan Zorro

May 21, 2009

My Dearest Fans,

I know it’s been a while, and yes, I have been receiving all your fan mail. I am sorry it has been so long since my last post, but I promise the lag time between each post will shorten. I am not one of those “get you popcorn ready,” or “I love me some me” type of athlete. I am one of the people, and I love the people. I know I am just an “Average Joe (Pun intended)” without your support. So let me update my peeps on my progress up-n-dis-BITCH!

Today is day two of the FOX90X workout program, up to this point neither Joe nor I have waivered on our commitment, meaning, A lot of people have already lost money on my tough little bro.

We switched it up a bit; I followed the regimen, as directed by my sensei, Tony. Joe didn’t listen to our sensei’s advice, and he just got dropped kicked like that blond headed thug in the karate kid. I’m so on my game right now I could catch flies with chopsticks. Enough about me, I know you want more, but back to the workout.

Like I stated, I started with the first phase yesterday: arms, shoulders, back, and abs. I actually did better than I thought. I realized a couple of things in the process: (1) I need to up the weight on my arm exercises, and (2) I am not as good at pull-ups as I once was. Also, to complicate matters, that damn thing wouldn’t say on the frame and it kept falling off. After a couple of times of landing on my knees and in one case lacerating them, I stopped the pull-up portion. I am not making an excuse here, but I am not as good on my knees as my fine brother is.

Anyways, I am going to rig my pull-up bar by adding a 1×4 on the horizontal face, attaching it via couplings, and I am going to install an addition piece of trim on the door header to ensure the bar catches. I will do this tomorrow in fact. I was pooped after the workout, but I didn’t feel the jelly arms like I did in off-season football training. I must admit, it was a hell of a workout, but by all means achievable by any able body man or women.

This morning I awoke to the aroma of coffee, it was nice. I am now supplementing my usual half-and-half with soymilk, and I must admit, it may become a permanent change. I then read young Joe’s blog and saw how he struggled with the “Plyometrics” workout the night before. It made me a little nervous, I must admit, but I new I had a head start on young Joe because of my “Biggest Loser” training. Also, if there is one workout that I excel at it is those that involve my legs.

So I got geeked, went upstairs and put on my ultra-revealing shorts (That’s for my lady fans). I decided not to wear a shirt and shoes for that matter. I don’t know why, but I did. It was rather liberating. The workout was tough, but not unbearable by any means. I was able to complete the whole gamut of exercised, but I did cheat a little sometimes by not going down into a complete squat position all the time. I didn’t want to spend myself too much the first go around, because I wanted to see if I could do it – and of course, I succeeded.

Anyway, I wanted to give a shout out to Joe. Joe, don’t be discouraged, remember I had a head-start, and the purpose of this is not to beat one another, but to finish it, and the bi-product will therefore be a great body, like we once had. Fight through it, and never give up. The object is to improve each time. All you need to do it show improvement and the rest will follow.

I Struggled, And I Will Be Honest With My Fans

May 20, 2009

As we’ve spoke, this is simplygoing to be truth. Unlike some who seem to be rooting for Allen.

Most said I’d lie. I’m not.

As I’ve later been told, I started Plyometrics. The hardest of the DVD’s. On top of that I haven’t worked out in 1 1/2 years and rather than train the past few weeks, I just drank a lot. Figuring I’d have to slow down.

At 32 min’s in I found I had to stop. Yes, those of you against me, call me a quitter, I am okay with that. However, I simply couldn’t go on. The main reason was I was starting to get very dizzy and thought I would pass out.

I lay down, and against Aaron’s hopes managed to hold down the vomit. I was very nausous for the next 40 min’s.

The surprising part is my past work out routines were running and biking for much longer than 30 minutes and I’ve never been as sore as I am right now. I couldn’t do the standing stretches because my one particular leg I at the time was on was shaking too much.

If I’ve disappointed a fan I am truly sorry.

I WANT to be EXTREMELY sore tomorrow. I want to know the shaking muscles I feel (including my back, which is weird ’cause there we no back excercises) are in pain from the X work out.

As I originally felt like a quitter I actually feel okay about myself right now. Because I realize I am completely out of shape and although I will not take this thing slow, I realize that this could take a week or two of adjustment from college student to being completely and totally f*cking ripped!!!

So Joe-Haters go ahead and post I’m a failure. I will fly to any one of your houses (those of you as out of shape as I) and watch you try this particular hour long workout.

Weights tomorrow people, I will do my absolute best, and that is a personal guarantee.

To optimism and honesty, a Fox family tradition.

The Rooms

May 19, 2009

Uh, he started today and I’m scared. He’s halfway through, and is sweating profusely. Not to mention he’s in 100% better shape than me. Unfortunately, I can hear him doing it. It sounds like a porn star right before the money shot mixed with Vietnamese torture audio.

Zach and Aaron

Zach/Aaron, I am going to have to take a militaristic attitude towards this. However, I recommend you watch your back for coming up with this.

Bad Ass

May 17, 2009

Goin’Rippin' it

Ze Nips that all want to see:


Post Game


Pull Ups

May 12, 2009

They are harder than they used to be.